Charity does not diminish wealth

I saw a quote on twitter the other day and it struck me.

Charity does not diminish wealth.

I agree. While there’s nothing wrong in wanting to sell off your second hand goods to make a bit of money, the same I believe can be said about donating these unused goods/clothes/money etc to charity once in a while. I may not be getting money back, but I’m certainly reaping the rewards (InshaAllah) from God for giving to those who need it more than I do. For me there is no greater feeling than knowing that I have benefitted the less fortunate and for fulfilling their needs. As a Muslim I believe that God will (InshaAllah) reward me in other ways i.e a refreshed conscience.

So I make it a point to spring clean my wardrobe and room every year for clothes and other things I don’t need, put it aside and send it to the orphanages or even donation bins around town. This year I’m giving away my toys and a quarter of my wardrobe! (Seriously need to stop buying clothes -_-)


it’s been fun while it lasted…


Selamat Hari Raya/Happy Eid everyone!

Feel free to comment :)

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