On finishing law school

I don’t think it’s really sunken in.

That I’ve finished my degree. That I’ll be graduating from law school in a week!

3 years has passed by so fast. Many keep asking when I’ll be returning to the UK and are always so shocked to know that I’m actually done. What? Really? Mashaallah, 3 years passed by so fast *cue stares-into-space moment*

It’s like I invoked a sense of nostalgia in them. Ceh. But in all seriousness, I left UK last month with a huge feeling of nostalgia myself. Naturally as humans we always await the day for something to happen but when it does, we stop for a second to ponder how fast that period of time was, how we wish to pause time to enjoy what we have left.

But I try not to do that. My iPhoto collection of photos over the past two years is excellent at reminding me of how many memories I’ve made. I’ll definitely miss them for sure – weekend trips to London, tea time in town with the girls, cooking dinner together, fretting over unfinished assignments and tutorial work, looking forward to Spring days, Malaysian Night’s, trips around the UK, everything really.

I guess I’m not just saying goodbye to university life, I’m also bidding farewell to a life abroad. The second time I’ve had to do in my life but hopefully not the last! While a life abroad is always so exciting and idealistic, in essence there is nothing quite like living back home. You don’t have to try so hard to fit in and there is no such thing as feeling home-sick. So to be frank I’m quite relieved to be home. I’ve missed my goreng pisang!!

My life as a law student hasn’t ended yet tho (boooo) so there’s still one more year of exam stress and books stacked on the table for me to go through.

For now I look forward to returning to the UK, to graduate and to then enjoy some beautiful European scenery before returning home for good. Am excited!

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