Day trip to Bath

A bunch of classmates and I decided to make a day trip to Bath over the weekend.

It’s such a lovely place! Only an hour away by train from Reading and the view of the meadows on a sunny calm Sunday morning was refreshing. Definitely a favourite part of travelling by train :)

We started our day in the morning so we could make use of our whole day. Arrived at the station and even the view from there was nice! Check out the terraced houses uphill in the background..



First stop..The Roman Baths!


An obvious must visit, this is the main highlight for any tourist visiting Bath.

Since we arrived in the morning and proceeded to visit the Roman Baths first, the line was not that long and we even managed to group together with another student-group to make 20+people and get tickets at a cheaper price! A bit messy, but definitely worth it instead of paying a higher price. We are students after all :D


I loved everything about this visit. How we started off at the top of the building to get a view of below, then to proceed downstairs and walked throughout the building indoors getting a good history lesson before reaching outdoors to get a proper close up view of the hot spring. Yes, the water was warm.

Group photo!


Had lunch at Sally Lunn’s which is a must tryyyyy! The buns are definitely as good as they are claimed to be. Comes in savoury or sweet dishes. My favourite sweet one is the Cinnamon Butter. Missing it already!

The place is really small and to queue along the corridor inside the small terraced house was very tight-spaced BUT it was all worth it. This is after all another place Bath is known for.


After a good 2 hour relaxing lunch we proceeded to take a casual stroll around town, passing by Pulteney bridge overlooking a park and a dam! Quite small but we were still pleasantly surprised. It’s not everyday you see one smack in the middle of a town.

We continued walking and stopped by the Jane Austen Centre to check out the tourist shop. Some of the girls got excited over the special edition book covers. I was too. But I think I was more fascinated over the man outside in his very English attire…


We then continued walking on and reached The Royal Crescent (a street of 30 terraced houses laid out in a sweeping crescent) which overlooks a wide and beautiful park. What made me happy the most was the lovely weather and the SUN! Got to love it when the sun comes out to play. Makes spending Sunday afternoon out in Bath city with friends so much more meaningful.

Other places of interest that we visited were the Bath Abbey, The Pump Room, and England’s only thermal spa (situated in Bath) which we passed along. Thinking of coming back to try it out =P


I think we could all agree that it was a real good day. Lots of exploring, laughs and having fun. Always guaranteed when you travel with the classmates! :)

Feel free to comment :)

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