Cooking diaries

I love home-cooked food and I especially love my moms (who doesn’t love their moms’ cooked food!) so I made sure to get a few easy recipes from her before I left to UK. Ironically I only really started properly cooking recently since my schedule is less hectic now and I can take a little bit more time to cook in the kitchen.

Et voila! Easy meals which take no more than half an hour to prepare and cook (except for defrosting and marinating meat) and are a combination of my moms super simple recipes + my own improvisations. My mom always tells me that the recipe can be the same but different people tend to produce it differently according to their technique. But most of the time meals like bihun sup or goreng remind me of home and that makes me happy enough :)

Bihun Sup


Bihun goreng


Pasta mixed with minced meat and cheese
(when I ran out of tomato sauce!)


Sup Ayam


Nasi Lemak


P.S: Can you tell how much I love my Malaysian food? Nobody can take the Malaysian out of me!


  1. I haven’t cooked in such a longggg time! Everything above look sooo yummy. :D

  2. SS

    hehe thank youu :)

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