When the brother comes to visit

So my second brother came to visit and you know what that meant – extended weekend trip to London! (so very grateful for a relaxed timetable this term..)



Hung out with these two and as usual it was fun. Was most especially pleased that the weather was good. 13 degrees max. Getting warmer!!

Concluded that if I were to live or have a place in London I’d like to stay towards Nottinghill or anywhere in the Kensington and Chelsea borough. Yes, just because the area is nice, safer and has plenty of chic boutiques!

I was also thinking how I’m going to miss all the little things a life in London/UK has to offer that I won’t get back home once I return i.e walking everywhere, having the tube accessible to you anywhere, a little bit of the cold, wearing a coat, boots, scarfs, and long walks in the park. Ok and yes, the variety of the shops. I guess you could say these factors make visiting/living in London/UK so much more appealing. Best of all, London is only 25 mins away from Reading. Definitely going to miss that.

I keep reminding myself that I’ve only a few months left till I return home for good. Must make the most of it! Definitely need to visit and experience a few more good moments around U.K. I’ve made a checklist!


  1. your brother looks like you! Haven’t seen you in so long but seems like you’re having a pretty good time ;) you look great in every pic sya! :) p/s I’m flattered that you linked me in your blog :D but um yeah my url is no longer shankapriyanka.com, I was forced to go back to the original form, shankapriyanka.blogspot.com ;) feel free to visit anytimee :D hehe sorry for rambling.

  2. Brother Bear

    Super like den!

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