Beyond the cinema

I love a good movie. And good is pretty subjective. But my idea of a good movie is one that is funny, enjoyable and most importantly – comes with a good moral lesson.

Watched 3 movies this holiday and I enjoyed each one! Teared in one or two and definitely were reminded of a few good values. All are a must watch!


Hilarious! Based on the best selling novel by Canadian author Yann Martel, Life of Pi is essentially a story about a shipwrecked boy surviving his way to the shore with – yes, a tiger. It’s a beautiful story because of the way the narrator narrates it, with every chapter leaving you with a valuable life lesson. A story about loss, hope, determination, and a lot of faith.


A classic favourite, Les Misérables is that historical French tale by Victor Hugo about the struggle of the people pre-revolution years. I didn’t get the chance to watch the musical in London (many said it’s good) before the movie came out so I went straight for the movie and I feel satisfied to be honest. I feel as a movie the cinematography allows you to see the faces of the characters up close and it’s so much more convincing and…emotional. Again, a beautiful story about loss, sacrifice and redemption. Music is amazing too. Yes, the movie follows 100% true to the play! (so my brother tells me)


I feel this one appeals to me the most in a realistic context because of the modern day setting. A story about a teacher who takes up MMA (mixed martial arts) to raise money for his school which is lacking funds. Talk about passion and determination! It’s amazing what one teacher’s undying will can do to saving a department of a low funded school. I feel we need more teachers like this. Movie plot aside,  I generally feel that Malaysia needs more inspiring teachers, not just to yield students who achieve straight A’s, but to instil a sense of enthusiasm for learning and to yearn for success all around.

Feel free to comment :)

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