Wishes for the Malaysian society

I love Malaysia for its vast cultures and differences which make us unique. However as a society there are certain behavioural traits that should be practiced more, not because it’s a culture, but because it is right. With that I figured I’d write down somewhere a few of my wishes for a better Malaysian society. No society is perfect anyway, but we must always continue to strive to better. I believe Malaysia is capable of being a caring society. We just need to remember to be.

I wish that people would be more mindful when opening their car door in parking lots so as to not hit other people’s cars.

I wish Malaysians would make more eye contact and smile.

I wish for society to be more kind towards animals, especially the stray.

I wish for a more efficient Malaysian workforce, especially those in the service industry.

I wish people in Malaysia would be more tactful for small matters such as giving space i.e when standing in a line at an ATM/parking ticket machine

Likewise I wish Malaysians to be more patient, ESPECIALLY on the road.

I wish for people to let others come out of the train/bus first before rushing to go in.

I wish for a society with better manners and etiquette, not to mention common courtesy.

I wish for a more empathetic society who look out for its citizens and acknowledge the less fortunate.

Feel free to comment :)

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