Tips for the executive

Yesterday my 26 yr old brother tweeted some tips for young executives – all from his own personal experience of having previously been a young exec himself. (He is now in a managerial position)

(read – bottom to top)

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 6.47.25 PM

Advice like this applies not only to young execs working but people like me for instance, about to graduate and venture into the workforce (public/private sector). I also feel advice like this is just as practical and applicable for one’s studies (when dealing with a teacher’s expectations; ask if you’re not sure) and other miscellaneous types of tasks. Also for university students pursuing internships, these tips are just as applicable for them as an internship in a company etc. will expose you to the working world and all its expectations. I know that after 2 internships at a radio station and a semi-govt corporation, albeit the vast and contrasting level and type of work I did, at the end of the day the expectations by my employers were the sameto train you to learn how to work efficiently and be efficiently managed.

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  1. the best friend :D

    awesome tips!

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