Early to bed, early to rise

You know what’s the best feeling? Well to me that is.

Yes, waking up early!

Some people hate being the first to wake up cos it’s boring and they don’t know what to do while they wait for someone to wake up and make breakfast (hi mom!). I feel that way sometimes because it’s like helloooo wake up everybody! *looks at time, 7am on a saturday* * crazy girl, goes back to bed*

Oh well.

But it feels good la. It’s actually my 2012 resolution to sleep early and wake up early – in which i failed half way through the year but heh, managed to pick it up again near year end thanks to jet lag (ironically amazing effect). I hate waking up late cos you lose all the hours you could use to get things done i.e laundry, have a slow relaxing breakfast, take a long shower, STUDY, DO WORK, BLOG (ok thats not so important) but yeah.

I have decided that my 2013 resolution shall continue to be sleeping and waking up early – a challenge cos exams are around the corner and I must not waste time!

It is also an awesome feeling when having done everything in the morning, you realise it’s just 10am and you’re like jyeahh more time to do…work.


Bon weekend!

Feel free to comment :)

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