New fascination: cooking shows and instagram

So I’ve developed a new found fascination these past few weeks.

With the purchase of a new iPod (5th generation) and installing a wireless router in my university accommodation room (only internet provided is by ethernet wire), this meant that I could enable wireless on my ipod and use it throughout the flat. Hooray! And then I installed Instagram…

It sure is addictive isn’t it? It’s like = post a picture – check notifications – ooh someone liked it! – ok check back later – ok bored of studying lets check other people’s photos – oooooh – post another picture – and REPEAT.

Somebody tell me Im not the only one like this!

But there is this sense of joy – the editing of photos and sharing on twitter/facebook and seeing if you get any comments or likes. Same as uploading anything on facebook really. But this is reserved for your photo-lovers. Such is a joy!


I’m back home for the winter holidays now and as much as I do not enjoy watching TV, fate brought me to the cooking chanel – AFC the first time I turned on the TV since I got back. And guess what? I’ve been hooked ever since.

Again, there is such joy in watching and learning how to cook via cooking shows. It’s either I’m becoming more domestically inclined or I’ve developed some new found interest or perhaps my time experimenting in the kitchen this term has led me to want to learn to cook more. Western food seems super easy to muster compared to your authentic local Malay food (it’s the technique, you either have the hands or not!) and so I’ve been spending more time in the kitchen with the mother, grasping the ropes shall I say?

My favourite show is French Food at Home with Laura Caulder and also Anna Olson.


Chef Syahirah in the making? :p


  1. Domestic Goddess in the making.

  2. I’ve been watching Sugar by Anna Olson since school! I love her too! :)

Feel free to comment :)

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