Girls’ Weekend

So I had a real nice weekend in Reading – besides staying in and getting work done, the girls and I decided to step out for dinner on Friday night and dress up while we’re at it. I guess after weeks of just being immersed in our own work and daily stuff, we just needed an excuse to get out so this weekend was it. On Saturday despite falling a bit sick, I decided to cook dinner for the girls! Something simple and healthy but it was nice to have the girls over. Again, an excuse to get together cos it’s the weekend. And on Sunday we woke up early and dressed up again for breakfast at Bills. Say it with me – JUST COS! It was great. Had a real good breakfast at Bills (as always) and then just walked about town. Ideal way to start my Sunday and pretty much defined my weekend – simple but fun. Not to mention – endless conversations, silly moments and laughter :) An all girls’ affair! Much needed before we get our heads down to our assignments.

Snippets below :)

To a new and twice more productive week I hope!

Feel free to comment :)

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