When the best friend comes to Reading

2 weekends ago, I met up with the best friend for our new-termed brunch sesh in London. The following weekend she decided to pay me a visit in Reading town which was exciting cos that’s a first for her.

But before she came to Reading, we ventured for a short road trip with our reliable Oxford tour guide to…Bicester Village!

So it was probably a bad idea to head there on a weekend cos it was packedd with people. Only good thing out of the trip was that it wasn’t our first time so we didn’t waste time and just headed for our targeted shops. But Prada….Prada was just a test of patience. (Worth it though! :D)

Nevertheless! Road trips are always fun because I enjoy refreshing my eyes and looking out of the window. Didn’t get a photo of the countryside but I remember it being beautiful and serene. It was a good sunny day too so that made things pleasant :)

Oxford aside, I took the best friend out for brunch the next morning before she left and that too was pleasant ‘cos food was good and sun was shining again! I always feel lucky when the two are put together, especially on a Sunday. Makes Sundays wonderful.

Never underestimate the power of a good sunny brunch sesh! Always makes my day. Next round should be in Kent! (where the best friend is)

Of course she couldn’t leave without leaving me some love behind.

LOTS OF LOVE BACK! Thanks for coming :)


  1. the best friend :D

    yaaaaaay finally! I thought you were never gonna blog about this. It was a really really good weekend for me. :] Too much laughter and silly times. Love you too much. Mwahhhh!

  2. chulalula

    love this blog post, you two are soooo photogenic. either that or there’s some serious quality control on pictures :p

  3. SS

    ♥♥ to the both of you

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