I never knew how much I love kids till recently. It’s like, since when did they become so cute? Exactly, I was asking myself that but then I was like it doesn’t matter. Point is I’m 20 and I’ve realised that kids (at a certain age that is) can be ridiculously cute.

What I love about attending family gatherings is that everyone from my grandfather down to my nieces and nephews are present and it’s always nice and rare to have everyone under one roof – so naturally it’s something to look forward to. Also, since my nieces and nephews are at their cutest age, I look forward to playing with them and giving them tight hugs. They really are so cute. Even I wasn’t that cute at their age. (sources have told me -_-)

Eventually these kids will grow up to become slightly older kids with a bit of an attitude and then they won’t be so cute anymore but in the mean time I am really enjoying this moment where they are all “aunty sya, buka pish…tankiu” referring to the chocolate packet and where I die a little inside because really they are just soo cute being themselves! I have this one nephew who gets excited when he arrives to the party and I’ll be like “Ali!” and he’ll be like “Hellooo!” *lifts arms to give a hug*.

*heart melts*

Check out the cake. Miss being a kid as well. It’s so fun to be 5!

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  1. Oh my goodness, your niece in the 3rd picture. So comel and she has such big beautiful eyes, MasyaAllah! So nice to see! :)

  2. SS

    kan! super adorable :)

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