Confessions of an Intern

This is my second summer I’m pursuing an internship; one month down into this current stint and I’m thinking a blogpost is deserved to sum up my observations so far.

1. The department of the organisation I’ve been placed in is pretty conservative and modest in nature. But fret not, they are not prejudiced, against all odds :)

2. There is a strong eating culture which is just awesome because really there is no better way to bond than over food…in the pantry. View’s great too. Talk about a conversational starter!

3. I have been placed in a strategic spot in the office, smack in between the entrance/exit, the pantry, pretty close to the ladies, next to the other intern and on good days, ideally a hot spot considering people like to hang around and make small talk when free. The way I look at it – this is a pretty cool spot to be in.

4. We have a slightly longer lunch hour than usual (wee!) but we make up for it by doubling efficiency during working hours. I prefer it this way to be honest.

5. Conservative and modest in nature but genuinely inquisitive and concerned. People are always inquiring about others, getting to know us interns more and just generally making us feel welcomed and belonged. It’s a really nice feeling because depending where you work, not everyone has the time or interest to care.

6. Conversations and asking the right questions make interesting discoveries. The thing about an internship is that you haven’t permanently started working yet so it makes a good opportunity to learn about other people and their career backgrounds and personal choices. Ultimately there is a lesson/advice to gain from that too.

7. Aim to be proactive, at your own risk. I mean the aim is to always be proactive and show initiative but if you know you already have plenty on your hands, it’s ok to not show face for a while and get everything else done first. Ultimately at the end of the day it’s about getting the task done, and correctly,  not about how many tasks you can get done.

8. Learn in every possible way. Through conversations and making use of available resources provided in the office i.e emails, books, presentations, even the newspaper. In my case, info emails are circulated everyday and reading them would increase my knowledge bit by bit. I may not understand every single thing, but it helps as it’s a learning on the go process :)

9. Sitting at your desk the whole day resulting in a backache and lower productivity levels  is not good. Take a break. Head to the pantry to read the newspaper! Always my favourite part of the day.

10. You’ve worked 9 hours. Go home. Even the boss is wondering why you’re still around past 5:30!

So far so good. It wasn’t what I expected initially but it’s always what you didn’t expect that turns out to surprise you for the good, right?

Feel free to comment :)

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