A birthday in Cardiff

So I was in Cardiff last week to visit Abang and Aliaa. Most importantly, I came to celebrate Aliaa’s birthday with her!

The birthday girl was lucky to have her last exam on her birthday itself and after that we took her out to destress, have tea and…throw her a surprise birthday dinner! She was glowing happiness that night Yay! :)

It was a good dinner session because not only was it an interesting gathering of friends, it was a good opportunity to learn more about them and the kinds of conversations that got them going. A decent mix of nationalities and with that you always get different stories, different views and inevitably a different sense of humour. Placed in the middle and taking this convenient location to be a mindful observer, I was equally intrigued as I was amused at the flow of the nights conversations. I was also the youngest meaning I would be lost when they’d talk about all these Masters stuff. But oh well, I survived! Anyhow, it made me realise how beautiful an international society is (in general).

You come from different backgrounds and everyone’s got a different unique story to share. But with differences you find similarities and there’s something about this spark that keeps your friendship going. Awesome really.

T’was a good night. Happy birthday again Aliaa! God bless always :)


  1. Aliaa

    I just saw this for some reason!

    A very big (and belated) thank you! It made it so much better that you were able to come and celebrate it with me :) *hugshugs* Hope you’re enjoying KL!

  2. SS

    hehe no problem. i am thanks. see you soon enough! :)

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