Turning 20

Our most anticipated visit during our Paris trip was a day-trip to Disneyland!

And it was rather a special one because not only was I was with my favourites, we stayed back for the fireworks at the end of the day AND Disney was also celebrating its 20th birthday. Guess what, I turn 20 too this year! (more like in a few days :D)

First thing’s first…mickey head bands!

Next up…off to the rides!

We tried on quite a number of rides and if you know me, I’m afraid of heights and AM NO GOOD with roller coaster rides. Dare I say that I hate them just because my heart can’t take it. But for the sake of this being Disneyland and a place I don’t come to often, I didn’t want to miss out on the fun thus I persevered and went on the rides. Oh boy.

Most of them were OK. But pfft, Space Mountain was just crazy! Closed my eyes all the way :p

The disney castle by day…

…and by night. Beautiful isn’t it? Magical really!

Even more magical was the fireworks that appeared at the closing time of the park. It was so magical, I believe a fellow favourite cried! Hehe. Definitely lit our hearts up. And we’re in our 20’s. Imagine all the other kids who’ve come to fulfill their childhood dreams.

Overall, it was a magical day for the favourites because we all had each other, had a good time going on the rides, buying souvenirs and best part of all, weather was generally pleasant and sunny throughout albeit short intermissions of rain.

Spent all day there and got a good gist of how the whole park works. Though I reckon if families were to come here, they should spend a good 1-3 days so they can maximize their time there. There’s just so much going on and there’s plenty to do OUTside of the park itself. Overall I had a good time and I believe this would be the moment where I say I’ve completed my childhood! Hehe.

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