A stroll through the park

Exams are over and I’ve got a good 2 weeks left before I fly home.

Oh and sun’s out to stay! (or atleast I hope so) Woopie!

So I’m in Cardiff now to visit Abang and Aliaa and to bask out in the Welsh sun. Have to say it sometimes feels weird to just head out without my coat. It’s like, eh I think I’m forgetting something.

My coat? Sunnies!

Headed to Bute Park for a stroll before dinner yesterday and it was lovely. The park is really big and spacious and there were people everywhere…sitting on the benches, lying on the grass, walking their dogs and some even sitting by the river. It was lovely. Everything about it told me summer is finally here (remnants of spring?) and cross fingerssss it’s here to stay come these next few weeks.

I love love strolls through the park. Especially when the weather is as amazing as this. It’s super sunny but there’s still that nice breeze that takes off the heat from the sun. *pun intended*

The long walk meant that Abang and I had plenty to talk about whilst enjoying the fresh air. We concluded that a rendezvous like this is obviously uncommon back home because a) there are not many parks b) weather is too hot to do ‘walks’ c) noone really ‘walks’. I guess that’s one of the perks of living temporarily abroad in a country with a walking culture.

On a more exciting note, it’s a certain someone’s birthday today and after her final exam, we’re heading out to celebrate! Thank god it’s the last one!

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