Paris with the favourites

I recently got back from a week’s trip to Paris with my favourites!

Rooftop restaurant of Printemps

This was my second visit to Paris, this time longer and in a different season! Albeit some rainy moments, the sun was mostly shining. And the flowers were blooming too!

Bridge of locks Paris – Abang and Aliaa’s lock!

My eldest brother (who organised this whole trip) was a gem at making sure we all knew what was happening and what we needed to prepare for. He also made sure we made the most of our week’s trip. Got to say, last time I went, I focussed more on shopping. In a week with my brother we even managed to make day trips out to Versailles and Disney Land! While obviously there is so much more to see, I’m pretty content with a week’s trip. Covered most if not all of the major tourist attractions and got to do a bit of our discovering which is nice because you always learn more by doing it the local way.

hearty parisian breakfast

Disney Land! 

Moulin Rouge!

There’s so much I can say about Paris but if I could sum it up it would be that it is definitely not as rude as some websites rate it to be. Perhaps it’s because we spoke french? (or attempted to!) That aside, I like Paris for its big wide roads which makes the city appear more spacious and pleasant to walk in. Metro was conveniently efficient albeit occasionally confusing (lots of numbers and french names!). Like most European cities really, Paris is another pick-pocket zone which shouldn’t come as a surprise but may sometimes surprise you if you’re busy having too much fun. Always guard your belongings! And on a final note, efficient ordering system at fast food restaurants! Places like McD and Quick Burger have machines where you can order and pay there then collect your order at the counter. Can we get these in Malaysia and England too please?

Jardine du Luxembourg

amazing scenery shot taken by abang!

 I took so many photos and I have plenty more to say but this pretty much sums up my trip in Paris. Disney Land was just amazing and I might just write a separate blog post about that. Watched Moulin Rouge too which was also amazing but too bad we were not allowed to take photos! Topless woman aside, they were all beautiful, danced well and sang well too! The costumes were all so colourful and amazing. Parisian entertainment at best! Also went up the eiffel tower for the second time, this time was forced to walk up 2 floors first before taking a lift to the top. Such cruelty to my fear of heights!! But I had a good time la. Always a good time with my favourites around. A trip to remember definitely :)


  1. Awesome write up Sya! Totally captured the excitement of our Paris trip! :)

  2. farhanahd

    Really excites me! I wanna go to Paris too!

  3. SS

    Abang: Thank you :D

    Nana: Yes you should!

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