International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day today and I along with everyone else would like to dedicate this day to all the women out there. Here’s to women in general who have or may have been subjected to gender bias, discrimination and anything that may have degraded them being a woman. We’ve come such a long way in terms of establishing our mark in the world and from being subjected to only nursing, matrimonial and maternal affairs to writing novels, leading corporations, reigning a country and making a difference just by existing.

Of course there’s still so much gender bias and discrimination that happens in certain parts of the world today. Yet slowly but surely you hear more of these inspiring stories whereby more women are being put on a higher pedestal.

From being subjected to the war most of their lives, women and children in Afghanistan are now slowly being given the opportunity to go to school, work and help contribute to the rebuilding of their war-torn society.

We are seeing more women taking on positions that are usually dominated by men i.e driving taxis, buses to even trains and aeroplanes.

We see more women taking on political, corporate and other hierarchic roles; giving meaning to what they do i.e Michelle Obama tackling issues such as child obesity to Queen Rania fostering the impact of women’s role in Jordan to Zeti Akhtar Aziz governing the central bank of Malaysia.

I could go on. But listing these few examples remind me of how far the independence and impact of being a woman has come. I’m no feminist but I’m always in support of enhancing women’s role in society and I’m always interested in reading more women related stories. In a way it inspires me because it reminds me that women are actually capable of doing anything (and that more men should appreciate us!) It’s just a matter of time that we did.

Happy International Women’s day to all. Be bold, be courageous, be beautiful :)

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