Malaysian Nights

 One of the things I told myself I’d do since coming to the UK was to make sure I’d attend some universities’ Malaysian Nights held by Malaysian societies. I’ve attended a few so far and have been left impressed, been reminded of the true spirit of Malaysian culture, not to mention have even learnt quite a bit about Malay legends and folktale which to me is important.

The first one I attended was Kent Malaysian Night which happened to be its first Malaysian Night too. For a first time production, it was good and funny. So props to the team for an entertaining show :)

Kent: Ellis in Wonderland

As for the others, they were all amazing and entertaining on their own scale and props go out to each team for all the hard work and effort. I can’t imagine how many hours they put into practicing. Some top-knotch acting and singing right there.

Cardiff Festival of Diversity: Pahlawan the Musical

UCL: Mahsuri

LSE: Cinderella Story 

I went for the ones that I was free and around for and that weren’t too far away. Some came for their friends but I came because it was my first time to this kind of experience, plus these bunch of students were taking so much of their time to put up a wonderful show to create more awareness about Malaysian culture. And with excellent marketing, who wouldn’t want to go? ;)

That reminds me, in a few weeks time is Reading’s own Malaysian Night. Not as grand scale as some others, but I’m hopeful it’s going to be funny and good. Oh, and I’m in the Malay dance!

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  1. Fathin

    that’s so cool! MALAYSIA BOLEH!

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