The thing about raising money for volunteering

Lately, my facebook has been filled with posts by friends asking for support to help fund their volunteering project. It always impresses and amazes me what my friends are willing to do to contribute their part in making a difference (even more so impressive because they’re raising their own money and not using their parents’) So I’m always glad to donate a few pounds when I can. Though I tend to do so more for the people who make an extra effort in raising money.

If you think about it, a lot of people take up their time to volunteer here and there and all efforts are amazing and praise worthy. But another friend of mine also raised a point that we are all students living (overseas) on a budget. Of course we have to think twice before simply giving away our pocket money.

So what wins me over the most is when I see people doing things or selling things in order to raise the money. To me, that’s praise worthy effort right there because he/she is making that extra effort to make something i.e cookies/biscuits/whatever else to sell and ¬†reaching out to whoever is interested in buying.

My friend is raising money to volunteer to teach school kids in Africa so she’s selling home made cookies and hand made cards (she’s great at art and cooking!) Seeing her post on facebook I thought, why not? She’s making all this extra effort and I’d really like to see her fulfill her wish. Plus, I want chocolate cookies!

So I bought them, and they taste really good! So to me that’s a nice exchange as it puts a smile on her face knowing people are buying her things to help her out (and because they’re good too!) and it puts a smile on my face because well, i love chocolate chip cookies!

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  1. Uhhh everybody always says food but not everyone can sell food and stuff

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