That time has come again when I’ve grown bored worn out from my previous blog and decided to go for a change. A rather familiar one I must say as I’ve used wordpress before and loved it (before I decided to change that is -_-) so now I decided to come back.

And lets hope I stay for good!

Headed out to town for a brief yet lovely light lunch at Bills today, my new favourite cafe I would say.

I love the cafe. It’s so nice and warm inside and by warm I don’t just mean the temperature, but that the atmosphere and the vibe you get just makes you feel at ease. Staff are friendly, price is reasonable and food is great! I would say the appeal is a cross of a diner and a cafe with its wooden tables and chairs, fun wall decorations and open display of products. I love it. So glad they have a branch in Reading.

And did I mention the food is GOOD? Weeee

My favourite starter is the thai prawn cake. I have to admit I wish they served more per dish cos 3 is just not enough. The sweet chilli does the trick ;)

Scones with cream & jam. Something about Bill’s combination of its cream cheese, jam and its scone that tastes so good. Definitely know where to come for tea time now :)

To me, it’s not just about the food, but the whole experience. The people you’re with, the place you’re in and the surrounding place and people. Bills has that chilled out atmosphere that caters to everyone; families, a mum bringing his baby son out to eat, couples on a first date and a group of friends. I keep discovering new places to eat that offer such vibe and I love it. Makes me want to come back everytime.

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  1. Looks crackin, especially the scones :P must definitely take me & aliaa when we go to Reading!

  2. yes will do! smashing.

  3. AR

    Definitely life in the fab line.

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