3 opportunities I’m thankful for during this 2 week partial lockdown

Malaysia is amongst the latest of many countries around the world to have imposed a 14 day Movement Restricted Order or partial lockdown where shops, schools and non-essential services have been closed and citizens are being asked to social distance and stay at home to help curb the on going Covid-19 virus.

I won’t lie, it is really tough, and this goes for all segments of society and the economy at large. Businesses are struggling, families are forced to stay at home and take care of their children while working, people are getting bored and the state of the world is just generally an unpredictable place.

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3 types of friends that impacted my way of thinking

The way we think and perceive things is no doubt impacted by our life experiences and people we meet. In the early stages of life, we let certain encounters help form our understanding of the world. As we get older, it crystallizes into meaningful knowledge.

My family knows most of my friends that I’ve had throughout my life from primary school up to adulthood. Each and every one of them were different. While I outgrew a number of them, my family would sometimes ‘reminisce’ those friendships and asked if I remembered any of them. Of course I would! They were so distinct. I could never forget.

It got me thinking and I wanted to reflect on what I learned from some of those people. They certainly impacted my way of thinking in a sense that it made me question a lot of things. As a grown person now however, I know how I feel about certain issues and certain philosophies and I’ve crystallized that thinking into meaningful knowledge and values.

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6 Things I’d Tell Myself at 20

inspired by Dearly Bethany’s video

Being 20 was an interesting time because it is the start of the third decade of your life. For many, it is a time of your undergraduate studies or some form of tertiary studies and also for many, you may be living away from family and loved ones. It is a time for self-discovery, independence, courage and adventure.

I was in my second year going into my third year of university and I remember it being really hard. They always said the second year of your degree in university generally felt harder as the grades count more and as such you are required to put in more effort. I had a lot of hard days, but I also had a lot of fun days. I generally don’t regret my time as a university kid, though I did wish I had done some things slightly differently.

I remember freaking out entering my 20s. I was like “oh here we go, entering into adulthood and expected to do all the adult things”. It is true, but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

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Emotional regulation

Have you ever had a moment where you’re conversing with someone and you simultaneously think about what it is you are doing or how you sound while speaking to that person?

Perhaps you started to increase your voice or started to sound emotional. You’re still speaking, you’re still wavering your hands in the air. Your facial expressions are mildly exaggerated and you look like you may lose it soon.

But you don’t. Because you caught yourself. In the quickest of moments, you readjust yourself so as to not go overboard. You take a deep breath. You tell yourself to remain calm throughout the conversation.

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