A head full of darkness

Depression comes in many forms and varies in degree. Some are very serious, need to be clinically treated while others are mild, possibly not even noticed. But it doesn’t mean that it’s not there.

The latter best describes how I would diagnose myself if had to diagnose myself for depression. I don’t have it. But sometimes, some days, it feels like I do.

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10 books that have stayed with me

In the spirit of sharing our favourite books, here’s mine.

Great to see our new Education minister start a small yet meaningful initiative that will hopefully trickle down and inspire others. I’m particularly thankful that I come from a family who loves to read. May we all become voracious readers #MalaysiaMembaca

Top 10 books that have changed my life and whose message has stayed with me:

1. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
– I learned that if you want something to happen, the world will conspire with you to achieve it.

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Why I write

George Orwell listed four motives for writing in his 1946 essay Why I write which can be summed as Sheer egoism, Aesthetic enthusiasm, Historical impulse, and Political purpose.

While I do agree with Orwell that these motives probably exist in every writer, I’ve come to find that my primary motive in wanting to write is more intuitive and straight foward.

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